Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hit the Road Jake.....

I haven’t written in so long. There is so much going on at our house that would entertain you….but I’ll give you the highlights to catch you up…..

Jacob LOVES school. He loves his teachers. He is doing very well at school. His teacher said he is the best cutter in his class and he can write his name….yes I’m a very proud mama!!! He has grown into such a great little man.

Lyla is doing really well. She has 4 teeth now. She is rolling over, scooting, sitting up on her own, crawling backwards and starting to crawl forwards. She laughs…only at her brother though…which is horrible….I’m so funny…why won’t she laugh at me?!?!?! :) She’s such a sweet little girl. She LOVES her brother and her glow worm. Jonathan is her favorite. She could be crying and crabby all night….the minute he walks in the door…her whole demeanor changes….this has honestly happened. He was at Bible Study one night…she was so cranky and inconsolable he walked in while I was getting her ready for bed and she stopped mid-cry and smiled a huge heart-melting smile!!! It’s so cute.

We have teams in our house. When we go out, we talk about how we have teams now and how our family is perfect. Jonathan and Jacob are on a team and Lyla and I are on a team. But….Jacob and I are practically inseparable and Lyla loves Jonathan much more….we should switch the teams. Jacob told me the other day “mom we’re a team.” I LOVED to hear that. I’m not sure why. But I just thought it was so cute that he likes being a team.

Jacob loves Lyla. He loves everything about her. The other day I went into the shower and came out to hear him giving her treats to try to get her to stop crying. He said “here open your mouth you have this. I have one too.” He is always taking care of her. I hear him go into her room in the morning and wake her up…. “good morning Lyla…it’s Jacob” I love how he loves her.

Today I told Jacob “hit the road” then I told him I have a song to sing to you. So I sang “hit the road Jack…” after I finished he said I’m not Jack I’m Jacob. So he said “Mom I have a song for you. Hit the Road Jacob and don’t come back no more…more…more” SOOOOO Funny!!!!

We have a vcr in our van. Currently we watch only Barney in the car. I have never taken other movies out to the van. Jacob got this Geo Traxx airport for Christmas and it came with a dvd. Jacob loves it. He asked if I can bring Geo Traxx to the car, he said “it’s my flavite :)” Then he started singing the song….so Jonathan told him he doesn’t need it in the car because he knows the whole thing. Jacob responded “you so silly da!!!”

Yesterday I was thinking about the kids and thinking about how much I love them. Then I started thinking about how much God loves us. It’s completely incomprehensible. I think “How could He possibly have more love to give than I love these kids?!?!” That’s the amazing part of it. He does. I LOVE the words to the song :
How deep that Father’s love for us
How vast beyond all measure
That he should give his only son
And make a wretch his treasure
Today, I’m thankful for love. Where is life without love? You love your husband, boyfriend or girlfriend, kids, parents, siblings, friends….that being said…where is your love for God? Everyday, people show their love for other people. There is a million dollar industry for people to publicly proclaim their love for each other. Today, publicly proclaim your love for God. I’m not saying you need to be one of those people who stand on the corner screaming at the cars passing by…but you know what you need to, so for lack of a better term….JUST DO IT!!!!