Monday, September 22, 2008

He's Brilliant!!!!

So in our sons room, in addition to his toddler (fire truck) bed, there was a twin bed. On Wednesday when I went in to get him, he said "Ma'ma! I nigh-nigh!" and pointed at the twin bed. I looked up and noticed my little man took his pillow and cover off his little bed and at that point I realized what he was trying to say was "Mom I slept in this even bigger bed!" I'm not sure if he realizes how difficult it was for me to let him sleep in the toddler bed...but now he's wanting to sleep in a twin bed?!?!?!

About a month or so ago, we offered my mom that same twin bed and finally on Saturday night my husband moved it out to her house.

Sunday morning I was awakened by my little man saying, in an oh-so-distraught voice, "Ma-ma!!! Uh-oh!!! Uh-oh Ma-ma!!!" repeatedly.

So I went in his room and asked him what was wrong. He was standing where the twin bed used to be. He said "Uh-oh nigh-nigh!!!" Which meant only one son is a GENIUS!!!! He realized that this bed is missing from his room. What a proud moment as a mother to realize your kid is brilliant...but it gets better. I know. Big deal right?!? How could he not notice it was gone...wait for it....

The amazing feat happened later that day when I took him to my moms house. I went to put him for his nap and he saw his bed. He said, in an utterly excited tone, "Ooooooh Ma-ma Jacob Nigh-Nigh!!!!" See?!?! He's BRILLIANT!!!!! He noticed it was the bed from his room.

Every single day, even the unbelievably exhausting ones, I thank God for my son. He was a bear before birth and shockingly, he can still be a bear sometimes now, but oh man, it's these silly times that I LOVE being a mom.

So today, I thank God for the job of being a mom. My sister in law told me just the other day that she loves the way he says "Mommy." I couldn't agree more. It melts my heart everytime.