Sunday, August 2, 2009

Unchartered Territory

Up until this weekend, our lives have been pretty easy. We've, more or less, been able to control Jacob in public. Of course that's with the help of certain things. We usually have Jacob in his stroller or when we're in the store, he sits in the shopping cart. But this weekend was our first weekend in public with two kids.

As we sit in the house or in our van, I think how absolutely blessed we are. I think "I have a picture perfect, all-American family." Dad and Mom, boy and girl and dog. How wonderful?!?!? So many people don't have that. I get so excited when I look at our little family.

So, last week, I was sitting at home, bored out of my mind, trying to find somewhere to go. I started thinking I could really use some groceries. So I thought I should take the kids and go do some shopping. HAULT.......ummm.....I have NO IDEA how to go shopping with two kids. I talked to Jonathan and I told him my concerns. So, we decided we would do some practice runs this weekend while we're all together.

So Friday we went to Walmart. I tried the approach of making (well, trying to make) Jacob hold on to the cart as we walked. Jacob touched every single rack we passed as we walked around the store. Socks, sunglasses, jewelry, diapers. The funny part was that, according to Jacob, someone in our family needed everything. Mom needed socks and jewelry, dad needed sunglasses, Lyla needed diapers and soap and Jacob needed EVERYTHING in the toy section.

After we left Walmart, I gave Jacob a score..C+...softy dad gave Jacob a B-...everyone knows there's really no difference between B- and C+ but dad is a softy so he had to give him a better grade than mom did.

Saturday afternoon we went to Target. This went a LOT worse than Walmart did. Jacob was crawling on the racks and putting things in the cart. By the time we left the store, I became one of those crazy out of control moms that I HATE in the store. The ones who are growling under their breath to their children. I absolutely hated that about me. I gave Jacob a solid D at Target. No popcorn, no treat, no toy....nothing.

Today (Sunday) we had to go to Sams Club. We were really supposed to go after Target, but I was so cranky after the debacle at Target I said we're going straight home. Today I wised up...Jacob sat in the bucket of the cart..a big no-no but I didn't have another choice. Jacob did so well. He sat there and rode in the cart and didn't act up. Lyla on the other hand....F.

If it's not one, I guess it's the life has officially changed...for the better. Today I thank God for that!