Thursday, June 11, 2009


In case you don't remember from my previous post, Blues Clues is Jacobs newest favorite show. So for Easter this year, we wanted to put the Blues Clues notebook in Jacobs Easter basket. I found them on ebay for like $75-$100.00. I said ummmmm no…. So then I looked on Amazon and for $25.00 they had a Blue beanie baby and the notebook. So we bought that for Jacob. I didn’t know why it was so cheap but when we got it, it was NOT the notebook that was pictured. It was a little notebook shaped like a chair. We didn’t have time to send it back or even complain (yes I waited until last minute to buy it), so we gave it to him. He, of course, LOVED it. He carried it around day and night and carried crayons with it. He was as happy as could be….so I thought.

On Sunday my brother told Jacob that he bought him a present. I had no idea what it was. On Tuesday we went over to my brothers house and he gave him an envelope to open. Inside was the GENUINE notebook, straight from Blues Clues. It was the notebook that Steve has, the square one with the picture of the Thinking Chair on the front.

Jacob took it out of the package and went WILD!!!! He was so unbelievably happy to receive this notebook. He started screaming and saying “Notebook! Notebook!” Honestly, I can’t even do justice to describe how excited he was to get this notebook. He asked me to open it up and he hasn’t put it down since then. This of course made my brother his new best friend. On the way out of his house, Jacob said “Goo-Bye Uncle Rob!” (He RARELY says his name let alone a whole sentence with “Uncle Rob” in it….even now I ask him who got him his notebook and he says “Uncle Rob and Ti-Ti.”

Tuesday night he slept with his notebook. For about an hour over the monitor we heard him talking about clues and his notebook. The first thing he said when he woke up Tuesday morning was “Mom, Where’s my notebook?” He cries everytime we leave the house when I don’t let him take his notebook with him. He again slept with his notebook last night. This morning when he came in he brought his notebook and asked to watch Blues Clues. He now “draws” the clues with Steve in his notebook.

Unfortunately, I have honestly NEVER seen him so excited about anything. It was so exciting for me to see him so excited about this notebook. So today, I give thanks for my brother and sister-in-law. Their thoughtfulness brings tears to my eyes (of course I am pregnant so I do tend to cry a lot easier now). It was so kind of them to buy this notebook for him. His joy about this notebook is valued at well over the $75.00-$100.00 it cost on ebay (not that I would EVER pay that much for this notebook….and my brother said he didn’t pay that much either) but I do think if we could see how excited he would have gotten about this notebook, both us and my brother and sister-in-law would seriously contemplate purchasing it at that price, just because of how happy he was to get it. So, with all my heart….THANKS!